Startup Stories: FIT Financial

Startup Stories: FIT Financial

Join us for April’s startup story with FIT Financial!

Owner, Brent Treece, will present & share his entrepreneurship journey.

FIT Financial is non-traditional, independent Financial Advisors that truly take a holistic approach to financial and tax advising. Their biggest passion is educating business owners and families approaching retirement on strategic, efficient solutions to their financial goals.

Being independent means they have the freedom to explore all options in the investment landscape for a strategy that best suits each individual retirement. FIT Financial is not limited to a specific platform or product. They leverage their team and broad industry relationships to create a tailor-made strategy for their clients. In short, FIT Financial has one focus and dedication: you and your goals.

Services provided by FIT

  • Retirement Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Tax Advising
  • Business continuation & transition planning
  • Situation Strategy Consulting Sessions

Lunch will be provided for attendees on April 17th!


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