About Conductor

We built a community for you

Conductor was created by a partnership between the University of Central Arkansas and Startup Junkie. These two organizations saw that entrepreneurs and innovators weren’t getting the help they deserved in central Arkansas. It’s a big problem and we’re here to fix it.

Since launching in 2016, we’ve provided resources and knowledge to hundreds of small business owners and reached thousands of people through Conductor events. We want you to be next. You’re invited to join our community of entrepreneurs, friends, and mentors. Here at Conductor, we’re all energized by success.

Over 47,000 participants reached through events & services since 2016

91+ average net promoter score

In 2023, clients reported an average of 24.5% growth in revenue

In 2023, 96.1% of attendees reported learning something new at events

Meet the Team

Conductor team works hard every day to grow small businesses and boost innovation across central Arkansas. We bring together a wide range of experience and expertise and make it all available to entrepreneurs and innovators like you.

Jeff Standridge

Managing Director

Grace Rains

Executive Director

Ericka Gutierrez

Director of Operations

Kaitlyn Crockett

Marketing & Community Manager

Mallory Watson

Marketing & Outreach Manager

Glenn Crockett

10X Growth Accelerator Director

Chris Kennon

Operations Coordinator

Abbie Flake

Marketing Coordinator

Fully Charged

Nothing in life is free, so how are we able to offer so much at no-cost to you? That’s where our incredible sponsors come in. These organizations believe in your small business, support your dream, and want to create a bright future for all Arkansans. Without their contributions, Conductor’s impact would not be possible.

Title Sponsors

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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Conductor's team is committed to proactively look for ways to positively influence our culture and social systems toward equality, inclusion, and justice. Our very purpose in existing is to remove any and all barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship.

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We offer a fun, fulfilling career working directly with local entrepreneurs.