Conductor Connect

Accessing Conductor Connect is one of the game changing resources of Conductor, connecting you with a group of local business leaders, each eager to contribute their expertise and advice to help you achieve your goals.

Conductor Connect is the ultimate destination for businesses seeking expert guidance and advice. With our powerful network of subject matter experts, you can tap into a vast array of knowledge and experience at no cost. Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy, streamline your operations, or develop new products and services, our team of trusted advisors is here to help with monthly office hours. Find the right SME to meet your needs and make an appointment to take your business to the next level!

Drew | runs multiple businesses

Drew, a lifelong entrepreneur, serves as a great resource for assistance with business strategy, process improvement, marketing, and leadership

Jimmy | networking guru

Jimmy is a pro at helping business owners network, finding business resources, identifying branding, and also serves as a general business consultant

Beau | legal expert

Beau is your legal guru, with his consultations consisting of general advisement on estate planning, probate, civil litigation, corporate/transactional law, and general property practice

Lori | amazing at everything

Lori calls herself a “professional networker” in the Conway area, as she has connected through her experience in multiple career fields. She can assist entrepreneurs with marketing, sales, financing, networking, and mentorship

Jakob | marketing genius

Jakob’s 20-year marketing career suits him well to assist individuals with marketing strategy, ideal customer profile development, unique value proposition development, and offer creation

Ron | builds businesses

Ron is the entrepreneurial maestro, orchestrating success through executive coaching, Lean Canvas Development, startup guidance, and global know-how

Michelle | all about finances

Michelle, your financial compass, expertly navigating taxes, financing, entity selection, and Quickbooks, with over two decades of CPA experience

Tim | government contracting

Navigate Government Contracting with Tim, an expert in Small Business Certification and SAM registration, showcasing a remarkable career in the USAF with key Arkansas positions

Kenny | leadership, sales & finance

Kenny can help elevate your leadership skills and financial well-being, offering expert guidance in Leadership Development, Financial Planning, Sales, and Personal Finance, cultivated through a rich career experience

Melanie | loans and business banking

Melanie, your financial guide, specializing in SBA & Commercial Loans, Business Banking, and Management, with 6 years of industry expertise and a strong commitment to community involvement